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Christmas 2019 in Berlin

Christmas 2019 in Berlin

Christmas 2019 in Berlin. The magic of a spicy and very special meeting. Between Christmas markets, gifts and marzipan balls. The most important Holiday of the year.

C. is a regular Redwhynot’s customer and every year, always a few days before Christmas, reserve an High Class Escort to celebrate his own special Christmas.

He likes to advance the holidays a bit and celebrates Christmas in Berlin in a somewhat sharp and unconventional way.

Hand in Hand stroll through the Christmas markets, buying lots of gifts, packing them and open it the next day. Wake up near his beautiful and dreaming Escort, in a magical shiny atmosphere. 

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Berliner Nacht im Soho House

Soho House Berlin

Hey my dear ones,

the last two days were about a long, great date in Berlin. I would like to tell you about it. Thanks to Redwhynot I met a man who wanted to show me the Soho House in Berlin.

The Soho House Berlin is located in a noble, listed building in the chic district of Berlin-Mitte and is both a hotel and an exclusive club. You can only get into this luxurious place by becoming a member. At the Soho House there are numerous parties, there is a pool, a cinema, several bars, several saunas and a spacious spa area.

Soho House Berlin cocktail

On my date, I had the opportunity to visit this famous hotel and location for the first time.

In the early afternoon, the limousine took me off and we drove together to the historic building, which looks absolutely unique from the outside. Of course, I am a bit excited before every meeting with a stranger, because I know that I will spend the next hours or days with this person.

Fortunately, it quickly turned out that I and my date liked each other and were immediately on the same wavelength.

On the roof terrace we got to know each other better more and more. Also it was even warm enough to climb into the bright green pool. In the background, a DJ presented familiar jazz classics from the 60s. Around us we had a breathtaking view over Berlin. The television tower and the countless high-rise buildings and parks formed a unique scenery. Our first kiss was very romantic, because the sky around us turned red-hot and the sun was slowly sinking.

After a heavenly dinner, he showed me the incredibly stylish Soho House, which is his second home. In the in-house bar we drank a few exclusive drinks and laughed a lot. When he finally showed me our suite, I could hardly believe my luck.

Tv Tower-Soho House Berlin

From the room one had a phenomenal view over the Berlin TV tower. The walls of the luxurious suite were partly covered with silk. Next to a beautiful bathtub, there was a walk-in rain shower, a separate living area and a fantastic king-size bed. But the best surprise was finding some delicious hand-made cookies as present from the hotel.

After a wild, sexy, kinky and very memorable night we enjoyed a French breakfast on our balcony.

Afterwards we enjoyed some private hours at the spa. Here I could completely forget the stress of the last weeks and finally switch it off.

I am so happy that I have the opportunity to discover the Soho House and to make charming men happy because of Redwhynot.

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Sonnenuntergang Obernbaumbrücke

Escort Diary- From Berlin with Love

My dear, at the moment I sit at the Spree while I drink a creamy Latte Macchiato and I’m starting a new page of my Escort Diary.

The sun streams upon me, the grass is lush and green and a light breeze touches my nose. Summer is almost finished in Berlin. I lick the delicate foam of my upper lip and look down at the sparkling water. What a fantastic day.

Escort diary

Then I think about last night appointment and start to reminisce. 

I think of the noble gala to which you have invited me. I imagine to feel again your strong arm around my waist and my green silk dress. As we walk together down the red carpet, we get hit by the flashbulbs from all sides. The headlights dazzle my eyes, but by your side I feel completely safe and comfortable in my own skin.

If I close my eyes, I can hear the string orchestra, which welcomes us in a ballroom. Vivaldi’s “Four Seasons” starts. We say hello to some of your colleagues, all friendly and tastefully dressed men who give me a glass of champagne and inquire about my welfare.You pull me to you and I feel your lustful glances at me. “You look beautiful,” you whisper with your velvety voice in my right ear. 

By your side I do feel beautiful, I love my emerald green dress with a deep back neckline and long Cartier earrings that shine with my eyes to the bet.

Escort Diary

This evening will stay in my memory forever. But today is a new day, a day to be filled with new experiences.

I do not get enough of the smell of fresh flowers around me, the chirping birds and the delicate scents of late summer.

Reading on the Spree after I finished my Latte Macchiato, I begin my new novel. Jane Austen tells about the complicated love story of Elizabeth Bennet and Fitzwilliam Darcy and I sink more and more in the delicate words of the British writer.

I feel as if I were a noble woman of the 19th century, who lives in an English county, wears long dresses and discharges my energy at dance balls. A crying child brings me back to reality. Here I am sitting on the Spree. I feel the wind in my long, curly hair and embrace my delicate necklace from Tiffany & Co. with the heart-shaped pendant you gave me after the party.

I am curious what this beautiful day will bring.

Thank you Redwhynot for this beautiful moment. I’m very happy to share my wonderful experience with this Escort Diary.

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