Vanilla Sex the sweetest practice in sex

Vanilla Sex

Vanilla Sex, but what does it mean? A short trip to the world of traditional sex

Maybe you’ve heard of or read about it in some erotic tales. Vanilla Sex is another way of defining traditional sex as opposed to Kinky sex, which describes all those unconventional practices that include sex toys, group sex or BDSM. But what are the substantial differences between these very opposing ways of experiencing eroticism? And why do you say it in that way? 

Why “Vanilla” sex? 

The term Vanilla Sex was coined in the seventies when traditional sex was compared to the taste of vanilla ice cream. Vanilla is, in fact, the simplest and most widespread taste, well adaptable to every situation and all kinds of desserts, just like traditional sex.  There is probably nobody who doesn’t like it, simply because it is so classic and versatile. 

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Sexy Escort zeigt ihre Zunge für Cunnilingus


Statistics indicate that about 90% of women love to receive oral sex and about 65% reach orgasm through this practice. Here are some valuable tips for partners who want to go above and beyonde. 

What NOT to do when performing Cunnilingus 

  • Don’t be in a hurry and don’t be a greedy wolf. It takes time and devotion. 
  • Don’t go directly between her legs without first having covered her in kisses all over the body. 
  • Do not use your tongue without a sense of direction, rhythm or reason. 
  • Don’t flood her vagina with saliva, to most of the women it is more annoying than pleasing. 
  • Do not spit (unless explicitly requested) believing you are in a porn movie. 
  • Do not go around the whole vagina with your tongue, focus on the main points and then move from one to the other.  

These are all common mistakes that are made during Cunnilingus. Avoid them if you don’t want an exciting experience to become boring or even annoying to her. The goal is to give your partner intense and sensual pleasure and bring her to an unprecedented orgasm. 

You wouldn’t like your partner to mercilessly bite the tip of your penis during a blow job… 

Cunnilingus Tongue

Tips and techniques of Cunnilingus 

The first step to becoming a master of Cunnilingus is to identify the clitoris (you know where to find it, don’t you?). Become familiar with the “lid” that covers it and with the two bigger lateral lips which make her look so beautiful.  Your partner’s vagina is delicate and has a lot of sensitive points, just like your penis. 

  • Start slowly, gently and use the tip of your tongue like a feather to bring her into the right mood. 
  • Move your tongue in small circles, taking care to avoid the clitoris at the beginning. Why avoid it? It is generally the most sensitive area and some women feel overwhelmed and too exposed to be “stimulated” too early during Cunnilingus. 
  • Gently touch and kiss all around the vagina and thighs. Then stimulate her perineum with your tongue. If you want to drive her crazy, go further down and lick her “little hole”. 
  • Use your hands to stimulate her nipples, to caress her belly or her thighs. Don’t leave them still! Women love to be touched, tasted and conquered. 
  • Lick slowly up and down the big lips and sometimes surprise her by returning to the “lid” of her clitoris by touching it with your tongue. 
  • Be passionate. There is nothing more exciting for a woman than to be desired. 
  • Finally, don’t forget a little finger play, which can make a difference in helping her achieve orgasm. 

These short tips explain the ABCs of Cunnilingus, but even more important is to learn to listen to your partner’s body and what the body is telling you by its movements and reactions. In this way, she will let you know what is most effective through the reactions of her body. There is nothing more beautiful than to bring a woman to an incredible and unforgettable orgasm with a perfect Cunnilingus. 

Happy Cunnilingus to all!

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Rimming is a very enjoyable and erotic game, consisting playing safe with the partner’s anus.

Rimming. A pleasure game. 

Statistics say that for everyone who feels disgusted, there is at least one other who loves it. Let’s talk about Rimming and the different sexual practices that focus attention on that area of our body, that for many is still completely taboo. 

Anal games are as nice as they are dangerous to health if they are not performed with a certain awareness. We are referring to hygiene, which shouldn’t be ignored, as the anus is an area particularly rich in bacteria.

One of the best-known practices related to anus stimulation is Rimming (also called Anilingus). Rimming consists of licking or kissing the partner’s anus. Excellent as an initial and aperitif to anal penetration is stimulation and lubrication of that area, which is rich in nerve endings, so the muscles can begin to relax. The best position to do this is the doggy style: in this way, you will have a perfect view of what you are doing and both of you can easily reach with their hands the partner’s other areas of pleasure.

Rimming can also be received lying on back or belly, but in this case, help yourself with a pillow placing it under your partner’s belly or butt to make it more comfortable. 

Helpful hints

You could start by stroking softly his or her buttocks, legs and the area around the anus. Place your lips around the anus and start stimulating it with little kisses and by moving your tongue around it. As always, your partner will make you understand what is best for him or her by guiding you.   

You can proceed with circular movements or by putting the tongue as far as you can into the anus to penetrate a little. If you want to,  you could make the experience even more enjoyable by using your hands at the same time to masturbate him or her.

rimming escort

Trick and treats

Like any sexual game, the variants of Rimming are endless. You will discover new movements, pressure points and little tricks to give your playmate a fantastic experience. 

A variant we suggest is the hot-cold games. Prepare  a cup of hot tea and a few ice cubes. After the first explorations with your tongue, sip some of your hot drink and slowly transfer it to your partner’s anal area. Do the same with ice or frozen water.  Be careful to well adjust the temperatures of the drink, because the skin around the anus is very delicate and the nerves are ultra sensitive! 

Dental Dam

Safety is also important with Rimming and if you meet an occasional partner, use a light, usually made of silicone, waterproof and heat-resistant film to be applied to the anal area like a veil. It is easily available online or at a pharmacy. 

You can also build your Dental Dam at home, using a condom, first cutting horizontally the part of the tank, then vertically the condom for its entire length. Apply some lubricant to the skin, to make the dental dam adhere better and avoid annoying rubbing. 


Have we intrigued you a little with Rimming? Let us know what you think in the comments … and good Rimming to all of you!




Draw/Image  Credit: By Seedfeeder – Own work, CC BY-SA 3.0,   (Change made applying a star shape to not show the genital part. To download the modified image, please send us an email by [email protected])
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