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Christmas 2019 in Berlin

Christmas 2019 in Berlin

Christmas 2019 in Berlin. The magic of a spicy and very special meeting. Between Christmas markets, gifts and marzipan balls. The most important Holiday of the year.

C. is a regular Redwhynot’s customer and every year, always a few days before Christmas, reserve an High Class Escort to celebrate his own special Christmas.

He likes to advance the holidays a bit and celebrates Christmas in Berlin in a somewhat sharp and unconventional way.

Hand in Hand stroll through the Christmas markets, buying lots of gifts, packing them and open it the next day. Wake up near his beautiful and dreaming Escort, in a magical shiny atmosphere. 

Christmas 2019 in Berlin

Meeting in Kadewe.

I met C. in Kadewe on the floor of delicacies, in front of the shop windows full of chocolates. He had requested a very special dress code to recognize me: a red coat, a white tight Jeans and nude shoes with spiked heel.

The embarrassment of the first meeting just took so long to order oysters and champagne. Two old lovers could not have on the same wave length as us and we discovered soon that we have many things in common.

After the oysters we started with the gift round. We’ve tried all perfumes, smelled all the scents to choose the best for a hot bath on Christmas morning. We have tried all possible colors of makeup to combine them well. We have bought decorations, colored lights and glittered little boxes.

Christmas markets and ice skating

Then we moved to the Christmas markets. His favorites are Gendarmenmarkt and Rote Rathaus.

With the wooden houses, the smell of mulled wine and hot chocolate, the candles, the packages and the toasted almonds Berlin is every year different, beautiful. It looks like a movie scene in which everything is perfect, framed and shiny.

Of course, ice skating must not be missing for Christmas. Around the fountain of Neptun there is a beautiful ice ring and we took the opportunity to rent skates to spin a few laps. 

Adlon … and Christmas Eve is already here.

Tired of skating, running and laughing, we returned to the Hotel.

A fantastic suite in the Adlon, where C. had brought a small white Christmas tree with lots of red and Golden Balls. 

We packed all the gifts and wrote small notes, put all the packages under the tree, lit all the colorful lights and … under the pillow, a Surprise was waiting for me!

A corset with panties, garters and stockings, all in “Christmas red” with very elegant little white pearls. A really nice and super sexy surprise.

It was my Outfit for the night and for waking up the next day.

Christmas 2019 Berlin

Christmas is finally here!

A ray of light came through the curtains. Slowly I woke up, hugging by a fantastic man.

The Christmas tree lighting remained on all night and there was a kaleidoscope of colors projected onto the wall.

Breakfast in bed, whereby I carefully unpacked each package. There were so many, that although we bought the day before, I could not remember all of them. 

And then new gifts that I had not seen, lingerie, accessories, small Marzipan candies, greetings cards, and small boxes of chocolate and truffles.

From my pocket I took a small packet for C. wrapped in red paper like my underwear, with a Christmas card and a Bow Tie, also red. He was very excited when he saw it.

He didn’t expect a surprise gift..

After we unpacked all the gifts and ate all the sweets, accompanied by intense kissing scented by pistacchio cream, we realized that it was late afternoon.

See you again

We said goodbye a little later. “Our” Christmas was over. Full of gifts and very happy about it and to have met and also a bit sad that the most amazing Christmas Adventure was already over.

“Until next year,” he whispered to me when he closed the taxi door. 

Thank you Redwhynot for this great experience and thank you C. for being so fantastic. 

See you next year…


  • Bizle July 25, 2020 - 8:10am

    Sie haben einen fantastischen Blog.Danke.


  • Berta July 31, 2020 - 7:40pm

    Viel Glück in Ihrem Blog, wie ich weiterhin regelmäßig zu folgen. Berta


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