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Our clients are men who are exclusively a part of the upper class, and our experience comes from over twenty years of employee research in the mktg and financial fields for the Worldwide Top Corporation.

To us, an escort is one of the highest possible professional profiles, not very different from that of a legal, marketing, or commercial manager.

Publicly, many people consider an escort to be an unethical character, while in private these people are among their most loyal clients.

Often these individuals are top managers of businesses that manufacture weapons, either chemical or pharmaceutical, and could learn a lot from an escort like you as regards to moral values!

We are convinced of this and we want you to be too!

redgirls profile

Your beauty is a fundamental characteristic of your professionalism to us.

We also need you to be polite, sophisticated, elegant, relaxed in 12 cm heels, as well as completely uninhibited when it comes to sex.

We would prefer no visible piercings or tattoos, or that your femininity is the result of noteworthy plastic surgery.

You have to have graduated from university or be in the process of doing so, as well as have no less than one regular work contract speaking at least English and German fluently.

You must reside in Germany and have all papers in order if you are not German.

You absolutely cannot use drugs and you must be able to not smoke or drink if it is not liked.

If you fit this profile, do not hesitate to apply!

why redgirls?

An escort is not a prostitute and redwhynot is not a brothel, even if many people think so.

The escort profession contains psychological and marketing content packed in a femininity of extraordinary beauty and refined elegance.

This is why every man is willing to pay high fees for an escort.

As an agency we withhold 30% for marketing services, advertising, promotion, and much more.

No agency advertises offering services of a sexual nature, nor will it ever obligate you to offer them; however, this is always what a client who spends thousands of euros will expect of you.

If you a fully open minded girl this could be your new profession!

redgirls safety

As an escort, you will earn an unthinkable figure, nonetheless, it is still a job that has an end and for this reason your health is a priority for us.

When you realize you no longer have economic problems due to your lifestyle, you might be prone to let down your guard; putting your safety at risk.

Even if your clients are all highly respectable, we will always ask you to respect the most elementary rules when it comes to protecting your health.

This is why we require that you undergo periodical checkups and that you always be firm in your conviction to only have protected intimate relationships, should you decide to have them at all.

This is because there is no gain that is worth your safety or the way the client feels regarding theirs.

You should be proud of this. Always.

Becoming part of the redwhynot team does not only mean collaborating with the largest global organization of high-class escorts, but also guarantees you respect and consideration for your extraordinary human value.

Now, Fill out the form!

Become part of redwhynot’s world!?

So… please, fill out the entire form with all your data, including recent photos.

Take all the time that you need, but keep an eye on your counter and try to fill out as much of the form as possible. If you do not have all the information right away, you can also print the form and send it to us at a later time.

Our Casting Form.

Dear girl,
None of the information of the 60 fields or of the description that we ask of you is absolutely mandatory, but one of the most important evaluation parameters that we have in order to select you is that the completion percentage of the form equals 100 points. Of these 54 points are acquired
, one for each field, by filling out the general information. Then 10 more points are gained by evaluating your description, while the remaining 36 points are tied to your pictures. Take all the time that you need, but keep an eye on your counter and try to fill out as much of the form as possible. In addition, do not worry about your privacy. We are used to maintaining confidentiality of sensitive data of our girls, and will destroy it if you are not selected. Fill out the form and send it to us!

Your Skills.


Services Honorar

Becoming a part of the team redwhynot does not only mean collaborating with the largest global organization of High Class Agency, but also guarantees you hourly earnings that are unconceivable even for the most escort agencies in the world. Compare you!

Hostess Services


€ 133


Escort Services


€ 203


Bizarre Services


€ 273


All price are VAT including 19%

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