Bizarre Escort Berlin- Lady Sue

Lady Sue

I’m Lady Sue, Bizarre Escort in Berlin.

Welcome to my Mistress Sedcard.
Are you looking for a very special date, with a real Bizarre Escort, which not only understands your bizarre desires, but also skillfully put into action?

An authentic Mistress in Berlin, a Dominant Lady who appreciates your submissive tendencies or puts an end to your longing for sweet pain? Then you have found what you are looking for.

I am a Dominatrix and live out my inclination actively for many years. My repertoire is therefore as extensive as my equipment, which I can bring to our meeting. You are welcome to tell me in advance via Redwhynot which fantasy you would like to experience. The same applies to the desired outfit as well as the required equipment for our meeting.

Outfit: leather, wetlook, full suits (wetlook, latex, lack), elegant.
Equipment: many different BDSM toys, bondage and restriction tools (ropes, handcuffs, textile straitjacket), E-play, clamps, gags.
Preferences: Bondage, roleplay, golden shower games, spanking, fetish games, foot and shoe eroticism.

Lady Sue, Bizarre Escort Berlin.


“I’m dominant by definition, I’m turned on by your submission…” (Call me master, Blood on the dance floor)

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Elite Escort Berlin

Sarah Kim

It is my honor to introduce myself as the newest Elite Escort on Team Redwhynot. 

I’m Sarah, I come from an international background with a mixed cultural heritage (I was actually born in France but grew up in Korea), and my sweet personality reflects the facets of the many cultures I have lived in. Cultural experiences are reflected in my personality like a kaleidoscope, making me an exceptional Elite Escort.

On the photos you can see how graceful I am. You will be captivated by my very long, chocolate-colored hair, which will create a vortex of delicate perfume that will enchant you. These sweet notes won’t be forgotten, and you won’t be able to forget me either. 

I am as delicate as a flower, but given my french nature, I am passionate and sensual without taboos.

Even though I am hardworking, I don’t like routine, so being an Elite Escort allows me to be spontaneous and open to new experiences.

I appreciate eroticism and all the pleasure that life can offer. Although I believe that seduction is most successful when the intellect is stimulated and starts in the mind.

For me, as an Elite Escort, a stimulating conversation will spark my interest in you even more. The most attractive gentleman will always be one with a broad culture and taste.

My perfect day with you? A slow cup of tea together, a visit to a museum, and a wild, limitless night under the covers. 

What do you think? I look forward to meeting you…

Beaucoup de bisous!
Your Sarah

“But we’re never gonna survive unless/We get a little crazy/No we’re never gonna survive unless/We are a little crazy/No no, never survive, unless we get a little bit…” Seal, Crazy

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Escort Dame-Natasha Rose

Natasha Rose

Natasha Rose, Escort Dame in Berlin


Hello there! Nice to meet you. I’m Natasha Rose and I’m a Redwhynot Escort Dame in Berlin.
If you had a stressful day, I’m the solution for a perfect evening together.

I’m full of energy and a good listener. I’m the most desirable girl you can meet. I like spend hours speaking with you, messing your hair, having a glass of wine on our hands. I’m your spicy and special playmate, ready to listen, to play, to dream, to fulfill every desires. Also the most unmentionable ones.

Think of me, dream of me and book me…

My perfume will remain on your skin, like a sweet emotion of a flower. I will be your secret…
See you soon. Your Natasha


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Luxus Escort portrait

Melina Meinel

Melina Meinel, Luxus Escort 


Hello everybody!
Thank you for stopping by, with me. I’m Melina Meinel, Luxus Escort for Redwhynot.
I’m a positive and sexy young lady, well-travelled and mannered.
I love smart conversations about the beauty of life, art and sport, with a glass of champagne and fine food.
I ‘m fully open minded and love to explore new things in life like traveling and discovering more cultures of this wonderful world.
Adventure is an essential in my free time.
I also love excitement and Luxus Escort adventures between lovers, like threesome…either with another lady or maybe with 2 beautiful guys, I enjoy the thrill of both and I’am more than happy to bring some excitement into our lives!
I find myself multifaceted and brilliant like a shiny diamond, seductive and passionate, the perfect companion for every occasion or play you like to share with me.
Don’t be shy! Book me, as a Luxus Escort in Berlin… our meeting will be so intense and you will never forget it!

“This will be the day/ That you will hear me say/ That I will never run away/ I am here for you/ Love is meant for two/Now tell me what you’re gonna do…” Prince- Pearls and Diamond

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Luxury Escort Berlin

Pia Rousseau


Hello Dear,
thank you for stopping by me and to taking time to read my profile.
I’m Pia Rousseau a Luxury Escort in Zurich. I possess a truly cheerful nature. I take great joy in enchanting people around me, especially a lovely man by my side, with my humour and optimism. It’s curiosity and joy that drive me to fulfill an out-of-the-ordinary desire of the senses now and then.
I love exciting new experiences, new life, new adventures especially the moments of a first date. The first time our eyes and hands meet, a tentative yet charming first smile, the first time we touch. As Luxury Escort, it’s sensuality that drives me! We will leave everyday life behind us for a while and give everything up to surrender to the moment. Only you and me and the untamable passion of this moment exist.
We escape to a stylish private view at a gallery or on a walk in perfect intimacy, into a sensual adventure.
Are you ready to never forget me for the rest of your life?
Wait for you.


“Can I go where you go?/Can we always be this close forever and ever?/And ah, take me out, and take me home (forever and ever)/You’re my, my, my, my lover… ” Lover- Taylor Swift

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Top Escort Berlin Summer Avila ohne BH

Summer Avila

Summer Avila, Top Escort Berlin

I’m sure that you are dreaming of finding an unforgettable experience, so let me assure you that you found the girl of your dreams.
My name is Summer and I’m for sure the Top Escort Berlin for you!
I have a very soft skin, shiny hair, curvy hips, soft and natural breast. In less word, I’m the girl next door you always dreamed for.
Feeling tired, low in energy, stressed with the need to get relaxed and deeply connected ? I will give you an unforgettable time and also an unforgettable memory of our time together.
I like talk with you, listening about your desires and experience. Spending time hands in hands and leave the night be a new day. I’m very sweet and passional, never exceeding, well mannered and educated.
Wait to meet you, my dear!
xxx Summer


“I’ve been waiting for a girl like you to come into my life/I’ve been waiting for a girl like you, your loving will survive/I’ve been waiting for someone new to make me feel alive/Yeah, waiting for a girl like you to come into my life…” Waiting for a girl like you- Foreigners


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berlin escort Nina portrait

Nina Garnet

Nina Garnet-Berlin Escort 

For the gentleman who seeks the companionship and delights of a beautiful lady, I am an extremely exciting and fabulous girl.
Let me introduce myself. I’m Nina, a Berlin Escort. I’m 30 years old, nice, fit body with a great attitude. I also have beautiful long blond hair, nice blue eyes and silky skin. I can be available to you and your companion if you like, or you can keep me to yourself and stay with me all night long.
I’m very sweet and passionate. I love create  a sensual atmosphere between us, with a touch of magic. A candle, a long bath together with a lot of foam and bubbles, one drink to break the ice…
Make a wish… I’m ready to fulfill it!
See you soon.

Your Berlin Escort Nina.


Life is a moment in space/When the dream is gone/It’s a lonelier place/I kiss the morning goodbye… Barbra Streisand- Woman in Love


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Laura Wilder- High Class Escort Berlin

Laura Wilder

Laura Wilder, Luxury Escort in Berlin


Hello there – how can I be at your service tonight? I’m Laura Wilder, your Luxury Escort in Berlin.
Do you want to experience an adventure that is equally passionate and exciting? A night together, starting with a dinner and sparkling conversation or do you want to skip right to the desert. A day together to enjoy my hometown Berlin, starting with me as your tour guide, either through my city or in your sheets exploring my curves.
I have always a smile on my face. I am pure, natural, soft and irresistibly sexy.
Aside from the passionate moments, I am someone that loves a versatile conversation with a stranger, no matter if it is about Science or Economy or the Opera. My kaleidoscopic nature is the right choice for any gentleman that wants to experience something authentic and seductive.
I want to be your dream and explore your dreams.
From Role-Play to Bizarre, I am able to switch from a strict teacher to a light submissive housemaid.
I want us both to enjoy your fantasy, moaning from pleasure and shacking from lust. Make me a part of your dream and I’ll make it come true.
So go ahead and call for me, that I can become your extraordinary experience.
Your Laura

*** Please, book me with a couple of days of pre-advice***

“Fly me to the moon/ Let me play among the stars/Let me see what spring is like/ On a-Jupiter and Mars/ In other words, hold my hand/ In other words, darling, kiss me…” F.Sinatra, Fly me to the moon.

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Lea Albarn- Vip Escort Berlin

Lea Albarn

Lea Albarn, High Class Escort Berlin


Guten Tag! I’m Lea Albarn, Redwhynot High Class Escort.
I’m beautiful, educated, well prepared, easy going, unproblematic, special and full openminded.

I like discovering your world, finding the key to be in perfect symbiosis with you and let you enjoy a moment of full peace of mind.

I love traveling, having new adventures. Finding new shapes, colors and smelling never tried.
I’m your perfect companion for a dinner together and your passionate playmate in the bed.

Who doesn’t love a “ginger blond” girl?
Come on… Book me… I will be your spicy Dream!


*** Please, book me with a couple of days of pre-advice***


“I want to live with a cinnamon girl/ I could be happy the rest of my life/With a cinnamon girl…” Cinnamon Girl, Neil Young.

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Escort in Berlin naked

Alisa Lee

Alisa Lee, Escort in Berlin


Hello there…stranger – what can I do for you tonight?
I’m Alisa Lee Escort in Berlin.
Would you like to start the evening with a decadent meal and silky, opulent glass of red wine? Just enough to heighten your senses, as you sit across me, watching the slight movement of my breasts under my dress? You can tell I’m not wearing a bra…does it turn you on? Imagining to touch that soft, oh so sensitive part of me? And if I’m not wearing a bra, what else might I not be wearing? I certainly didn’t forget my stockings when I got dressed…as above the table our eyes meet, my lips part…my tongue darting over my lips, licking away succulent meat juices, imagining other tastes to come…
I’m every man’s dream…an Escort in Berlin, a tall, elegant young women, impeccably dressed…and yet there’s something about me. In my eyes, my smile, my way of walking.
I’m also quite good  at giving massages, you’ll float on a cloud of bliss under my skilled hands!
Or maybe you have a dirty fantasy or two to share? I do…whispering my darkest secrets into your ear…playing with ropes and candle wax…making you moan with pleasure…or is it pain?
Have you been there? Where you can’t even tell the difference anymore? Where you would do anything, everything to please the other? Oh please, don’t stop….just don’t stop!
I’m here…where are you?

“Take a moment to unwind yourself, my sweet/feel the softness of my breath creeping into your dreams/well, you came, and you saw what I saw/and you fell/ I fell and you know/that we are tasting heaven…” (Delicate Dream-Shana Halligan)

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