Donna Colby

29, Deutsch, Angestellte

Blond Escort mit schwarz Unterwäsche
  • Services / Service
    Hostess, Escort, Bizarre
  • Available / Verfügbar
  • Languages / Sprachen
    Deutsch, Englisch
  • Height / Höhe
    167 cm
  • Mass / Gewicht
  • Chest / Brust
  • Breast-Waist-Hip / Brust-Taille-Hüfte
    89 / 66 / 94 cm
  • Dress Size / Kleidergrösse
  • Dresscode / Kleiderordnung
  • Hair / Haarfarbe
  • Hair Style / Haarlänge
    Länge & Glatt
  • Eyes / Augenfarbe
  • Interest / Interessen
    Lesen & Sport
  • Scent / Düfte
    Signorina Misteriosa- Salvatore Ferragamo
  • Lingerie / Unterwäsche
  • Tattoo / Tätowieren
  • Piercings / Piercings
  • Eat / Essen
    Deutsch & Italienisch
  • Flowers / Blumen
    Rote Gerbera
  • Smoke / Rauch
  • Drink / Getränke
    Prosecco Rosè

Donna Colby, Escort Agentur


Hello there! Nice to meet you. I’m Donna Colby and I’m A Redwhynot High Class Escort.
If you had a stressful day, I’m the solution for a perfect evening together.
I’m full of energy and a good listener. I’m the most desirable girl you can meet.
I like spend hours speaking with you, messing your hair, having a glass of wine on our hands.
I’m your spicy and special playmate, ready to listen, to play, to dream, to fulfill every desires. Also the most unmentionable ones.
Think of me, dream of me and book me…
My perfume will remain on your skin, like a sweet emotion of a flower. I will be your secret…
See you soon.
Your Donna

“When the night has come/And the land is dark/And the moon is the only light we’ll see/No, I won’t be afraid/Oh, I won’t be afraid/Just as long as you stand, stand by me…” Stand by Me- Ben E. King

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