Paris White

29, Russian, Freelancer

Escort Paris White
  • Services / Service
    Escort, Hostess
  • Available / Verfügbar
    Berlin & Weltweit
  • Languages / Sprachen
    Deutsch, Russisch
  • Height / Höhe
    167 cm
  • Mass / Gewicht
  • Chest / Brust
  • Breast-Waist-Hip / Brust-Taille-Hüfte
    93 / 66 / 83 cm
  • Dress Size / Kleidergrösse
  • Dresscode / Kleiderordnung
    Sexy, Elegant
  • Hair / Haarfarbe
  • Hair Style / Haarlänge
    Lange & Glatt
  • Eyes / Augenfarbe
  • Interest / Interessen
    Kunst, Fitness
  • Scent / Düfte
    Chanel Coco Mademoiselle
  • Lingerie / Unterwäsche
    Lise Charmel
  • Tattoo / Tätowieren
  • Piercings / Piercings
  • Eat / Essen
  • Flowers / Blumen
  • Smoke / Rauch
  • Drink / Getränke
    Wein & Champagne

Paris White, High Class Escort


Let me introduce myself.  I am Paris White, High Class Escort.
I’m a funny and outgoing lady. My passionate and open manner will drive you crazy.
On a date with you, I know how to create a relaxed but at the same time sizzling atmosphere, so we can both enjoy an unforgettable experience.
With my shapely body and my feminine charms, all eyes will be on me. Specially yours.

I can guarantee that you will relish every minute of our date. Behind locked doors you will find out about my creative streak.

A curious playmate, passionate and full openminded, ready to comply with all your wishes (also the dirtiest…).
You have not excuses… Book me!

Sincerly yours


“I won’t run, I won’t fly/I will never make it by without you, without you/I can’t rest, I can’t fight/All I need is you and I, without you, without you…” David Guetta- Without you ft. Usher

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