Pia Rousseau

29, Deutsch, Modell

Luxury Berlin Escort
  • Services / Service
    Escort, Bizarre
  • Available / Verfügbar
    Berlin & Weltweit
  • Languages / Sprachen
    Deutsch, Englisch, Russisch
  • Height / Höhe
    163 cm
  • Mass / Gewicht
  • Chest / Brust
  • Breast-Waist-Hip / Brust-Taille-Hüfte
    92 / 61 / 89 cm
  • Dress Size / Kleidergrösse
  • Dresscode / Kleiderordnung
    Sexy, Elegant
  • Hair / Haarfarbe
    Dunkel Blond
  • Hair Style / Haarlänge
    Lange & Lockige
  • Eyes / Augenfarbe
  • Interest / Interessen
    Foto & Musik
  • Scent / Düfte
  • Lingerie / Unterwäsche
    Agent Provocateur
  • Tattoo / Tätowieren
  • Piercings / Piercings
  • Eat / Essen
  • Flowers / Blumen
  • Smoke / Rauch
  • Drink / Getränke

Hello Dear,

thank you for stopping by me and to taking time to read my profile.

I’m Pia Rousseau Luxury Escort in Berlin.

I possess a truly cheerful nature. I take great joy in enchanting people around me – especially a lovely man by my side – with my humour and optimism.  It’s curiosity and joy that drive me to fulfill an out-of-the-ordinary desire of the senses now and then.

I love exciting new experiences, new life, new adventures – especially the moments of a first date – the first time our eyes and hands meet, a tentative yet charming first smile, the first time we touch. It’s sensuality that drives me! We will leave everyday life behind us for a while and give everything up to surrender to the moment. Only you and I and the untamable passion of this moment exist.

We escape to a stylish private view at a gallery or on a walk in perfect intimacy, into a sensual adventure.
Are you ready to never forget me for the rest of your life?

Wait for you.



“Can I go where you go?/Can we always be this close forever and ever?/And ah, take me out, and take me home (forever and ever)/You’re my, my, my, my lover… ” Lover- Taylor Swift

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