Ruby Fox

27, Deutsch, Selbständig

Ruby Fox Top Escort in Berlin
  • Services / Service
    Hostess, Escort, Bizarre
  • Available / Verfügbar
    Berlin & Weltweit
  • Languages / Sprachen
    Deutsch, Englisch
  • Height / Höhe
    169 cm
  • Mass / Gewicht
  • Chest / Brust
  • Breast-Waist-Hip / Brust-Taille-Hüfte
    95 / 62 / 90 cm
  • Dress Size / Kleidergrösse
  • Dresscode / Kleiderordnung
    Casual & Elegant
  • Hair / Haarfarbe
  • Hair Style / Haarlänge
    Länge & Glatt
  • Eyes / Augenfarbe
  • Interest / Interessen
    Musik & Reisen
  • Scent / Düfte
    Lâncome- La vie est belle
  • Lingerie / Unterwäsche
    Chantal Thomass
  • Tattoo / Tätowieren
  • Piercings / Piercings
  • Eat / Essen
    Asiatisch, Thai
  • Flowers / Blumen
  • Smoke / Rauch
  • Drink / Getränke

Ruby Fox, Escort Berlin


Greetings to everybody.
My name is Ruby Fox.  Very glad to meet you.
I’m a red wild cat in the Redwhynot’s Escort Berlin Family.
Love cuddle and purr with you on the sofa and I enjoy the sunlight. Travel to warm places and basking in the sun, eyes to eyes with you is one of my big wishes. What do you think about to start our meeting with a beautiful full body massage or an erotic body to body massage?
I’m 100% sure you will like it. As a wild cat I love adventures, new lovers and discovering new places.
Would you be my guide for a travel one-way only?
Wait for you…
Ruby Fox


“Where did you come from, baby?/How did you know I needed you?/How did you know I’d give my heart gladly?/Yesterday I was one of the lonely people/Now you’re lying close to me, making love to me…” You Sexy Thing- Hot Chocolate


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