Sarah Kim

32, French, Journalist

Elite Escort Berlin
  • Services / Service
    Hostess, Escort, Bizarre
  • Available / Verfügbar
    Berlin & Worldwide
  • Languages / Sprachen
    Korean, English, Spanish
  • Height / Höhe
    160 cm
  • Mass / Gewicht
  • Chest / Brust
  • Breast-Waist-Hip / Brust-Taille-Hüfte
    85 / 63 /92 cm
  • Dress Size / Kleidergrösse
  • Dresscode / Kleiderordnung
    Classic & Feminine
  • Hair / Haarfarbe
    Dark brown
  • Hair Style / Haarlänge
    Long and Smooth
  • Eyes / Augenfarbe
  • Interest / Interessen
    Tee-Kultur,Reading, Museums
  • Scent / Düfte
    Dior Addict
  • Lingerie / Unterwäsche
    La Perla, Aubade
  • Tattoo / Tätowieren
  • Piercings / Piercings
  • Eat / Essen
  • Flowers / Blumen
  • Smoke / Rauch
  • Drink / Getränke
    Red wine

It is my honor to introduce myself as the newest Elite Escort on Team Redwhynot. 

I’m Sarah, I come from an international background with a mixed cultural heritage (I was actually born in France but grew up in Korea), and my sweet personality reflects the facets of the many cultures I have lived in. Cultural experiences are reflected in my personality like a kaleidoscope, making me an exceptional Elite Escort.

On the photos you can see how graceful I am. You will be captivated by my very long, chocolate-colored hair, which will create a vortex of delicate perfume that will enchant you. These sweet notes won’t be forgotten, and you won’t be able to forget me either. 

I am as delicate as a flower, but given my french nature, I am passionate and sensual without taboos.

Even though I am hardworking, I don’t like routine, so being an Elite Escort allows me to be spontaneous and open to new experiences.

I appreciate eroticism and all the pleasure that life can offer. Although I believe that seduction is most successful when the intellect is stimulated and starts in the mind.

For me, as an Elite Escort, a stimulating conversation will spark my interest in you even more. The most attractive gentleman will always be one with a broad culture and taste.

My perfect day with you? A slow cup of tea together, a visit to a museum, and a wild, limitless night under the covers. 

What do you think? I look forward to meeting you…

Beaucoup de bisous!
Your Sarah

“But we’re never gonna survive unless/We get a little crazy/No we’re never gonna survive unless/We are a little crazy/No no, never survive, unless we get a little bit…” Seal, Crazy

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