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Vanilla Sex

Vanilla Sex the sweetest practice in sex

Vanilla Sex, but what does it mean? A short trip to the world of traditional sex

Maybe you’ve heard of or read about it in some erotic tales. Vanilla Sex is another way of defining traditional sex as opposed to Kinky sex, which describes all those unconventional practices that include sex toys, group sex or BDSM. But what are the substantial differences between these very opposing ways of experiencing eroticism? And why do you say it in that way? 

Why “Vanilla” sex? 

The term Vanilla Sex was coined in the seventies when traditional sex was compared to the taste of vanilla ice cream. Vanilla is, in fact, the simplest and most widespread taste, well adaptable to every situation and all kinds of desserts, just like traditional sex.  There is probably nobody who doesn’t like it, simply because it is so classic and versatile. 

The concept of  Vanilla has taken hold since Fifty Shades of Grey and has conquered millions of readers around the world. The novel has managed not only to give a great editorial shock to erotic literature, but also to break taboos regarding extreme sex which were once confined to a niche audience. 

What People mean by Vanilla sex?

Vice, the well-known magazine, opened a web survey in which users were asked what they meant by Vanilla sex and Kinky sex.

53% of the participants matched the Vanilla sex with the missionary’s position and 24% attributed the transgressive sex to the BDSM. 

But 70% of the participants identified anal sex as “transgressive sex”. 

From this brief research, it can be seen that some practices are still considered taboo today and that the concept of traditional sex cannot yet be generalized. 

Vanilla Sex Escort

Transgressive Vanilla sex 

After all, why is vanilla ice cream always part of the assortment of flavors of any ice cream parlor? Because it is simple but at the same time delicious and combinable with any other dessert. 

The same goes for traditional sex. It does not mean being monotonous or always repeating the same mechanical actions but underlines the particular taste of sweet things that can provide a deeper pleasure and be enriched by many variations and variables, depending on the fantasy of the moment. 

How to best live Vanilla Sex

Here are some tips that could be useful to make even your sweetest rendezvous spicier. 

  • Do not let yourself be carried away by routine. Intimacy routines wear out even the most stable relationships and are often the cause of betrayal. 
  • Change position often. Changing and experimenting with new positions effectively counteracts routine and boredom. In this case, books, manuals and pornos can be great allies. 
  • Kiss passionately. Kisses are often underestimated, but they are a great demonstration of passion, as they can increase intimacy between two people. 
  • Ah cuddles… These strangers! Pamper your sweetheart. Let yourself go. A little banter and tenderness will guide you and become closer to each other. 
  • Simplicity. Simplicity is often the key to successful sexuality. To establish a good intimacy with your partner you don’t need super luxurious locations, five stars restaurants or expensive champagne bottles. 

Above all, relax. Stripped of all the problems of work and bills. Leave your frustrations out of the bed and cut out a magical moment just for you two. A caress at the right time is worth more than a thousand words.

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